Pet Rescue Reviews

About Pet Rescue Reviews

Search for a Rescue in our growing pet rescue database to Read a Review or to Add a Review. You can search by state and by county.

Rescue reviews come from the public-at-large, people who have had specific interaction with the organization in one of four ways:

  • Fostered an animal with the Rescue
  • Donated to the Rescue
  • Adopted from the Rescue
  • Another Organization (shelter, vet, other pet) that regularly interacts with the Rescue.

Rescue groups are rated in 4 areas:

  1. Knowledge. The Rescue is knowledgeable about the pets in their care, and the screening and adoption process.
  2. Communication. Timely and honest communications.
  3. Animal Care/Conditions. Animals in the Rescue’s care seem healthy and well-cared for.
  4. Post Adoption Support. The Rescue organization is readily available to adoptive families for guidance and support.

If you can’t find a pet rescue group already in the database, we invite you to Add a Rescue, where you can then also add a review at that time.

Rescue Check is a public service website for adopters, donors and pet professionals to review and rate their local area pet rescues. The website seeks to recognize and promote the work of rescue groups doing pet rescue well, and to hold all rescues to a higher standard of care for their animals and for their communities at large.