Rescue Check is a public service website for adopters, donors and pet professionals to review and rate their local area pet rescue. The website seeks to recognize and promote the work of pet rescue groups doing pet rescue well, and to hold all rescues to a higher standard of care for their animals and for their communities at large.

“Rescue” is a labor of love by extraordinary dedicated individuals, who most often work without pay (or sleep!) and we’re ever grateful to the good pet rescues doing it well. Unfortunately however, there is an appalling lack of regulation or oversight by governing agencies around the practices of rescue organizations. Recently, we have seen an increasing number of well-intentioned ‘rescue groups’ that often mean well, but lack any real training, knowledge, resources or administrative skills to effectively manage a responsible rescue operation. Families suffer. Animals suffer.


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Before you adopt from, or donate to, a local rescue organization we invite you to read rescue reviews from other families, to learn about their experiences. Or share your own experience by submitting a review.

Adopting a new pet through a rescue organization can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Please help Rescue Check to encourage and promote standards of care and transparency that all rescues can abide by.